Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Rueben J Presentation

Our task was to choose a picture of a band/artist and from that image work out how you would promote them to gain a fanbase. I chose Ruben J because his looks style would be easily promotable with a girly audience. The brief we were given was that he has already performed local gigs and that he is quite laidback.I noticed that he has an alliance with a fellow Bristol band, Portishead, have been already established in the music industry. This would be a great opportunity for Rueben if he was to be the supporting act when Portishead tours the country.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Star Image:Tracing Star Development through Music Video

The Star im going to analyse is Robbie Williams. I'm going to look at the begining of his career, the changes, and what he is up to now. Starting out as a young lad from Stoke-on-Trent, to joining Pop band Take That and launching a Solo career, Robbie has sold more albums in the UK than any other British solo artist in history and has won more BRIT Awards than any other artist to date.

Robbie's first solo hit after leaving take that, was a cover version of George Michael's "Freedom" in 1996. In Video Robbie expresses his happiness to be "free" from from the manufactured Boyband. He is clearly celebrating his seperation and is acting like a young mischievious boy. The song managed to reach no#2 in the UK single charts, twenty-six places higher than George Michael's original version.

Robbie's debut alubm "Life thru a Lens" held the singles "Old Before I die," "Lazy Days," and "South of the Border" made it onto the UK charts but struggled to make an impact on International charts. It was his fourth single "Angels" that skyrocketed Robbie's career and sales of the Album. Without knowing of the sucess it would bring, "Angels" became the biggest single in the UK so far, being certified 2x Platinum by the BPI and becoming one of his most well-known songs.The album eventually managed to sell over three million copies in Europe alone. This achieved success helped push Robbie through his battle with paranoia, schizophrenia, alcoholism, and drug addiction.
the video for "Let me Entertain You" become an iconic one for Robbie. The video is filmed in black and white and features Robbie dressed as a member from the band KISS with the extreme face make up and a tight costume, dancing wildly on stage with a band and pole dancers.

Robbie continued to work with Guy Chambers who worked with him on his first album. The first single "Millenium"(1998) was inspired by James Bond music and the video references the Bond Films and aspects of Bond as a character. For example Robbie plays in a casino in a tux which later cuts to him driving a speed boat with an attractive woman.

By this time Robbie has become an established worldwide popstar and began working on his third album.His first single was"Rock DJ" which was released in 1999 and the video became of of his most controvercial. The content involved Robbie stripping...all the way down to his bones. He rips and tears of his flesh and muscles and flings them at the dancers around him. It's known for Robbie to be a cheeky chappy but for some channels such as Top Of The Pops it went to far and had to be censored. i remember having to wait up till 12 to be able to watch the video. It was a little gore, but ultimatly i admired it for the special effects and i was hooked on the beat of the song.

In Robbie collaborted with pop princess Kylie Minogue for single "Kids."

"Love Supreme" video, titled "Gentlemen racers" as seen in its opening credits, is a tribute to British Formula One driver Jackie Stewart. Williams portrays the fictitious character Bob Williams, a rival driver competing for the 1970s F1 World Championship. The video includes footage of Robbie digitally inserted in many scenes with Stewart, pursuing the championship title. The split-screen technique is used throughout,which is often seen in movies from the 1960s and 70s, and the scenes with Robbie were given a grainy texture to match the faded look of the original footage with Jackie Stewart. Also during the video fake newspaper headlines are shown of the race and characters to help narrate the story.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Passion Pit

The Band/genre we have in mind, and have picked is Passion Pit. Currently they arn't a well known band as they only formed in 2007,but actually this is quite handy as they are not easily recognisable and not many would know their music videos.
"The slang Passion Pit is derived from traditional Variety-speak used in the Hollywood industry publication. The trade used the slang to refer to drive-in theatres, because of their privacy and romantic allure for teenagers."
Passion Pit are described as an american electronic band.Their Genre is Electronic/ alternative/ wonky pop! There are 5 members with musicical accompaniments of a keyboard, bass, drums, synth and guitar. Their record label is Frenchkiss Records, an independant record label based in New YorkThey produce music of the Indie Rock genre .Ive recently bought Passion Pit's newest album "Manners." The song we've chosen is called "Moths Wings"
- Official Website - Myspace
I can't embed the video because it has been disbaled by Sony Music Entertainment.

This is the video The Reeling. Its the first song i heard from Passion Pit and i wante to listen to it all the time! The video is very creative and exciting :) i dont want to take my eyes away from the screen, encouraging me to hear the music. The footage is edited with animation and moves from location on the streets at night. The singers face is made from paper and the shot changes involve colour paper ripping to reveal something new.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Target Audience

The band members age between 20-23 so i think our audience will be of that age, Teens particularly. The music is quite funky, using synth sounds and having a youthful creative image. Having an indie label the band don't have a lot of money so are relatable for any young musicians wanting to make it in the music industry. They have a myspace, facebook page and account on youtube and so are very much involved with the social networking age of today, which is were most young adults find themselves these days. I imagine one of the fans to be an art student at uni who enjoys the social life at night listening to the upbeat tunes of The Crimson Cucumbers and also chilling outside in the day whist hearing the more mellow tunes. Other artists they would enjoy would be Empire of the Sun, Radio Dept, and The avalanches.

Friday, 11 September 2009

The Crimson Cucumbers coming your way!

Today Hannah and I were begining to create our group and put together a small profile the band's identity and what their ideologies are.we have 6 main catagories:

1. Artist/Group: Group made up of 3 members.
Lead Male Singer
Male Drummer
Female on Keyboard

2 Name:......
we are still thinking about the name at the present moment because it needs to be memorable catchy and inavative.It normally takes me a little while to make a name up for a product so i may have to leave it for a couple of days. By throwing random words/names together we have got

The Crimson Cucumbers

I think we will stick with this name though, because throughout the day it has grown on us and we actually remembered it! The Crimson Cucumbers sounds like a funky and creative indie band which is what we are going for. I guess it works in the same way as "The Arctic Monkeys"or "The Radio Dept." I think our group name stands out from the crowd and would become a popular and recognised name.

3 Back Story: The Crimson Cucumbers me and formed at University. They have a passion for music and art and favour indie bands. They began performing whenever they could at open mic nights and gained popularity in the local area. A Myspace page also helped the band gain popularity. They were later discovered by an independant record label who signed them on. The members enjoy staying small/indie than being mainstream.

4 Ideology: The Band believe they have a unique sound. They appeal to the public in their late teens and early 20s. They would like to convey a laidback attitude with a real passion for the music.

5 Image: The Cuecumbers, being in their early 20's, wear fashionable clothing with is smart, but still casual to portray their laidback approach in life. The Girl on the Keyboard is dresses very quirky and excentric.

6 Record Label: Island Records