Saturday, 30 January 2010

damn silhouettes...

In total annoyance, the footage of Ross, George, and Kirsty was partly filmed length ways to get fit their whole bodys in a portrait position, but once uploaded it meant that they were flipped 270 degrees so they are standing on the left side of the screen :(

so that meant only parts where they were upright could be used. Trying to find a silhouette effect wasnt easy and we are still not totally convinced with what we've chosen. An effect called "edges" on i-movie whereby the outlines of a chosen subject glows and everything else is blackout. It worked in the way that their mouths are obscured )because they werent singing the correct lyrics) but doesnt look brilliant.
So we probably will be doing this again and hopefully get an actualy silhouette by placing the light behind their faces or creating shadows. We need clear wall, a dark room and a big light! (and help from George Ross and kirsty :P)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Digipack...CD Covers

The CD cover/poster is an essential part of poduction for a band so for my Digipack, i looked at other album art that i was interested in. Ladyhawke's album was released in 2008 and by the same record company as my band, The Crimson Cucumbers. I really like the colourful artistry on the front. Its very playful and looks hand drawn. I also like the simplicity of the typography.

Passion Pit is the band who produced the record sung by my band, Moth's wings, and is the title of the album i'm currently making. This is Passion Pit's second album Chunk of Change. I like the abstract geometric lines which i may use in my cd cover or poster. Apart from that, the cover is rather simple :)It important that i look at cd covers of a fellow Indie band to make my own realistic as possible.

Elton John is another great artist who has a very colourful and arty cover. These wacky images run right through his "Captain Fantastic" album into his book inside. As an a member of the public, i like owning this cd because of the music and interesting artwork. It wouldnt be the same if i had downloaded it which is what is happened in this day and age of music.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Our ideas on screen

The pop up style beginning is finally finished !the whole process was done photoshop, finding images of london landmarks, shops, people, objects etc, filtering them onto cut out and layering them ontop of one another.

The umbrella sequence starts at the end of the pop up and beginning of the photo animation.The cardboard cut out look shows james standing on the bridge which then cuts to james (in real life) like this

An additional thing we added whilst on photoshop was a colour fade on James walking. The photo starts in black and white and as he moves across from left to right, the colour moves with him. its as if he brings life to the shotThe sihlouette effect we wanted didnt work out to well but we tried out an effect on imovie which we think works well. You can still see the outline of George.
And adding to that we made george x5!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Weve got quite far with the video now. Ive finished creating the instrumental scene, on photoshop where moths fly onto the screen and fly around in circles. It took a while because there was so many moths at a given time and these moths had to be moved onto the every picture and put into a different position each time to create flowing animation. Each moth was put on one at at time and moved. Eventually i found a way to merge the moths toegther as a group and move them as one layer; it saved me some time :)