Monday, 30 November 2009


On Friday, we shot one of our filmed sequences for the beginning. The original plan was to project our film onto James t-shirt which would link into the start of our video. We found an empty room in the school where no one can interupt and it isnt so obvious we are on the school site. Imstead of projecting onto James shirt was thought we could project onto the white wall behind him.
We took this time to also film the ending. once the photo animation stops we come out from the projection back into the white room where James is standing,making full circle, and now Sarah is standing on the other side of the projection. Sarah is another actor in our film who James passes in the video and at first she wasnt going to be a main element in the film but i started to think that if she wasnt in it, the video wouldnt have much point as it is just James wondering around the city. The short subtle story is that they meet on the bridge briefly at start of the video and they finish by walking of together. Its not a storng story but its something to add to the video rather than just having a technique. But

The taped we have filmed on has crashed so we've lost our footage

There was only around 4 minutes worth of filming and it was shot in the school with school students so hopefully we can get that done as soon as.
We are also planning to film our band shots either this week or next week. :)

quick pic of what we are trying to do. James standing with the white wall behind:

Monday, 2 November 2009


Today we gave our pitch to the class....
these are a couple of slides from the pitch.
we briefly explained who our band members are and that this would be one of their 3rd releases, because they do not feature in the video. Themes of the video also featured in the pitch.In Half term we filmed up london on the south bank and it was quite a sunny day which was handy! We asked our friend James to act in our film, by walking along the embankment while we snapped our photos. Our other friend Sarah(james girlfriend) also appeared in the footage, and now we are beginning to piece together a narrative involving her. Once we've uploaded the photos we are going to add in moths to follow James,which tie into the title of the song. We are pondering whether the moths will bring colour to black and white photos.

These are a couple of photos from the day of James walking across a bridge and along the embankment.