Thursday, 17 December 2009


At the moment it is still unsure whether or not the band members can be blacked out from the background. Jerry the great is experimenting with what we have on a different program and if possible we are going to use it. Alternatively, we can use effects on final cut. They may not be able to darken the whole person( which wont look as convincing because george Kirsty and Ross weren't singing along to the lyrics) but we will play around with what we have.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Yesterday afternoon we shot the band section of our music video with George, Kirsty and Ross who are our "Crimson Cucumbers!"
We would like to have the band silhouetted so we found a white screen to use behind them. Later we will play around with the clips on final cut pro to do this.
George Kirsty and Ross each individually stood in front of the screen and sang along to moths wings while singing in my singstar microphone.
At the end the 3 danced around together in front of the camera and we hope to use that also.

we will take profile pictures of the band and combine them together in photoshop. We are originally going to use split screen, but its easier for us to do it this way. Like the the pop up city at the beginning, there will be effects on these pictures and also we might use this effect on the pictures of the band when they are dancing together.

The day went successfully, but now we need to transfer the footage to final cut where we can play around with effects and to see whether we can use silhouettes.