Saturday, 27 February 2010

Final tweaks

From listening to feedback,we've used On final cut pro we to change the contrast on the beginning and end shot, and it does look better. We've also managed to create a split screen of the two which we couldn't do on I-movie.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


weve screened our video and overall most people liked it and looked like it took a lot of time to make.
it was said that maybe the footage of george went on too long so we can see what to do with that.
The beginning and ending shots don't particualrly look profesionnal so it was suggested that we could adjust the colour and contrast so everything looks sleeker and less like a drama classroom.
There were also a couple of errors where a "media offline" message popped up, so we have to make sure that its taken out.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Back from half term music video completed

During the last week before we broke up,we finally finished the last parts of our video that seemed to take forever to do! A split screen has been used for the beginning and end as planned. It doesnt look brilliant, but i think it still works ok.
Now everyones going to screen their music videos to the rest of the class, to get some audience feedback, so once everyone has commented i can document what they thought on here.

Friday, 12 February 2010


as were far into the project now i understand who the band our and what they're about. I wanted to do my digipack seperate to hannah because i have the freedom to do whatever i like and in my own time. I spent some time doing my poster choosing the right colours, layering, playing around with pictures of the band because i just love photoshop :) I ensured i had the title of the cd, the band, the release date and some featured songs on the album. I also added their record label, Island Records, and a recommendation from NME, for further promotion.

Monday, 8 February 2010

My CD Cover :)

This is the album for The crimson Cucumbers. Fortunatly, most of the music video is photo animated so i had a couple of hundred photographs to choose from! I think its important that the band appear on the front in "cut out" filter style which is used in the video. The audience will see the band members and also be reminded of their newest release. Ive included two video stills of the protagonist James, looking out onto the river thames and also walking along the southbank to give a sense of location as The cucumbers are a london band. I later discovered that the album cover needs space for 2 disks- the cd and the dvd. So ill go onto doing that now...