Monday, 1 March 2010

CD/DVD Cover

ive altered my original 4 panel cd cover and added more photos of the band to a new template now with 6 pannels.I used the same colours and tones of cream, blue,and brown on all panels so the cd is cohesive. The Cd and Dvd will fit in the top 2 panels on the left. On one ive chosen colours and patterns to match my first poster. Ive included the(all important) moths and also the umbrella which is the first object you see between the transtition of the collage and real life imagery. On the inside cover the band members George, Kirsty and Ross have been cut and pasted in from the photos using photoshop.These were photos we took whilst shooting of the band dancing around having fun. They came in handy after all! Beneath their pictures there is a thank you message to friends family and fans, like a real cd.

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